Greenway’s founding team is a group of professionals who are united by their desire to leave a clean planet for future generations.


Dr. Chang is the key innovator who initiated Greenway’s waste-to-energy solution and has been working in green technology for decades. He has expertise in nanotechnology and successfully applied new technologies to create the breakthroughs in Greenway’s solutions.


Dr. Elaine Wang is a strategic, IP and communication specialist, and a part of the innovation team on Greenway’s iOT solution. She has expertise in bioengineering and more than a decade of experience in tech startup advisory in silicon valley, and environmental advocacy in various NGOs. She believes in smart and interdisciplinary efforts in solving complicated problems such as trash pollution.


Alan is an entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about bringing companies scale globally. He’s deeply concerned about the state of our ocean and wants to ensure we protect this vast blue resource. Constantly looking into the future, Alan has been instrumental in helping new technology succeed.


Kae-Fong is a branding specialist who has been actively involved in environment conservation for over a decade. He believes that true progress needs to connect people, planet, and profit, and brands that understand and implement this will succeed over the long-term.

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