Greenway Revolution is an environment solution provider based in Singapore. Our technology solutions drive the global circular economy, so the world can grow in a sustainable manner and we leave a clean, healthy planet for our children.


We refuse to accept that progress needs to come at the price of environmental devastation. For us, the key lies in deploying new technologies that solve several problems at once. That’s why our solutions tackle both waste and energy issues.

Our patented Osema Drive™ technology is a nano-pyrolysis process that enables us to reduce waste plastics and tires into refuse-derived fuel (RDF). In so doing, we create a closed loop that concurrently deals with the immense amount of plastic and rubber waste and regenerates diesel for transportation and power generation.

Plastic, tire, and oil waste

When we look around the planet, we see waste plastic, tire, and oil plaguing every major city, and even island paradises, like Palau, are not left unscathed. We see recycling programs that are supposed to handle plastic waste simply ship them to other countries for landfill, essentially pushing waste from one part of the world to another.

Cleaner and more cost-efficient energy

On another front, our constantly increasing demand for energy and fossil fuels means an increasing pressure to figure out cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. Energy generated from our RDF has been shown to be more efficient than other clean energy sources, like solar and wind, and we believe it is a good addition to our energy mix.

A clean, healthy planet for our children

Through constant innovation, we are developing sustainable, clever solutions for a better, cleaner future. Greenway’s solutions will contribute towards achieving 8 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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