For waste tires, oil, and plastic that cannot be easily recycled, our patented technology, Osema Drive™, can reduce them in an environmentally-friendly process into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) like diesel for use as fuel for transportation or power generation.

Osema Drive™ can help achieve several different goals:

  1. Process waste oil, tires, and plastic to generate diesel
  2. Clear out existing build-ups and remediate landfills and dumps
  3. Process all other types of waste, e.g. MSW, e-waste, and agri-waste
  4. Support ocean waste plastic clean-ups

How is the Osema Drive™ better?

Osema Drive™ is a patented technology that advances current pyrolysis techniques through our usage of nano-technology to make the process efficient, non-pollutive, and commercially attractive.

Our revolutionary system and process design allow us to offer a truly airtight equipment capable of continuous operation. Coupled with our proprietary nano-catalyst formula, we are able to control our product output to create low-sulphur diesel at a lower operating temperature.

Osema Drive™ technology

The entire process is safe, stable, and certified to have zero pollutive emissions. Once started, our plants draw little power from the grid because a portion of the generated diesel will be used in our generators to supply the electricity for the nano-pyrolysis.

While the Osema Drive™ system tends to be deployed for waste tyres, oil, and plastic, the system can also handle all kinds of waste, including municipal solid waste (MSW), e-waste, and agricultural waste, to provide a cleaner form of waste management.

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